Special Forces

-The Battle of Honor

In an act to protect the faith, join and lead a special force to a war against other nations in the best shooting game. Build your frontline strategy in the Warfield and kill your enemy from all sides. Face the ultimate action in the multiplayer game mode. Choose your special force and polish your unique shooter skills. Do you accept the challenge?

Feel the Action

One of the best first person shooter game with amazing visuals, cool controls, close to real physics and simulations. Step into action and show off your skills.


Real World Locations

Many battles were fought at these location and in future they might be. Get into the battle and fight in the real war locations with amazing cool topography getting a close to real experience of the actual war. Choose and play in cool terrains with amazing visuals.


Deadly Missions

Wisely choose the vantage points, emerge from the most effecting cover points taking down the opponents swiftly.