“Art & Science" of blending technologies

(3D, AR, VR, Mobile) with gaming

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tTorque- Real Racing, Real Speed

tTorque – a distinctively designed Single/Multi-player & VR car racing gameFEEL THE FRENZY

Multiple terrains and tracks for players. Real vehicle physics. 

Realtime, multiplayer competitions. 

Vehicles from Cars, trucks to hovercrafts. 

Rush as fast as you can and use your amazing tilting skills to dodge and swerve.

Download on android here 

coming soon on Steam, iOS

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Vertical Infinity

The battle of heart versus head.

Multiplayer sci-fi shooter game.

The epic story of the two future human civilization's & of the times, when the advancements in the scientific world have “accidentally” unveiled the missing link between consciousness & the gross matter. These two human civilizations are fighting the eternal battle that humans have been fighting since time immemorial.

Stunning VR mode with game pad and Android support will follow soon! Stay Tuned!

Coming soon on Steam, iOS and Android

Third Eye Combat

Real time multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) game with immersive augmented reality experience. Converting your backyard into a high action war zone, this AR shooting game would not let you sit idle, literally! The game is around you and not limited to the phone screen. TEC translates real world positions of the players to avatars and teams.

Coming soon, stay tuned!

Triumb's Accurate Realtime Positioning Solution (ARPS) uses multiple technologies to arrive at amazingly accurate relative positioning in a 3D world.



Pound on your enemies in a multiplayer FPS (First Person Shooter) action-packed game that combines the state-of-the-art 3D graphics.
Pump up your adrenaline in the real-time combat that tests both strategy and reflexes.
Use your ammo wisely and kill the enemies at a distance before they get a chance to aim at you.

Stunning VR mode with game pad and Android support will follow soon! Stay Tuned!